Kit Bailey

Jazz Camp Faculty Member

photo of Kit Bailey - Jazz Camp Faculty member

Kit began hitting things for fun and profit at age 11, drumming in bagpipe bands, wind ensembles, orchestras (including San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Symphonies, and Music in the Mountains), ballet and theatre pit orchestras, swing and jazz combos, rock and fusion bands, big bands and African dance classes. Teaching drumming and copy-editing have rounded out his schedule since he moved to the Foothills in 1988.

"No matter how complex the arrangement, chord changes, or time signature, jazz is still dance music for me. It's old and new, warm and cool. Certainly the most ancient rhythm is that steady, "inevitable" pulsation delivered by string bass and leavened by a ride cymbal pattern or brushes on a snare drum. When bass and drums lock in, a soloist may explore the unexpected rhythmically, harmonically, and melodically. Becoming a small democracy, we listen and allow, offering our ideas in real time. Even simple statements, when sincere, contribute to the collective effort to touch something ineffable, while our feet, your faithful rhythm section, stay on the ground."

~ drummer Kit Bailey