Dave Tidball


Jazz Camp Faculty member - Dave Tidball

Dave was born and raised in Wales, and became active in the London jazz scene in the 1970's, including recording two albums and touring with British jazz fusion pioneers Turning Point. He has performed in a wide variety of settings, notably the trio Threedom, with bassist Bill Douglass and drummer Robert Kaufman, the sextet Triceratops, and singer Paula West's quintet, recording CD's with each. Also featured soloist on the albums of Vivian Sayles, Tony Adamo, Benny Watson and Peter Zak.

He teaches instrumental music for the Oakland Unified School District, directing band programs in three elementary schools.

About playing jazz Dave says:

Playing improvised music is like playing an interactive game of infinite variables in a real-time spiritual dimension driven by communal expression. In this context, players learn to overcome difficulties, build supportive and trusting relationships, take chances and experience the wonder of simultaneous collective expression. You can't get more inside the moment than when playing improvised music.

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