Bill Douglass

Jazz Camp Faculty Member

Sierra Jazz Society Photo of Bill Douglass co-founder of Sierra Jazz Society

Bill has been performing and recording since 1965 with world-renowned talents such as Marian McPartland, Bobby McFerrin, Mose Alison, Terry Riley, Art Lande, Mark Isham, Bobby Bradford, and Tom Waits. Hemispheres, Bill's current collaboration, is on the cutting edge of jazz, combining elements of world music, many styles of jazz and the eclectic mix brought by Ian Dogole, Sheldon Brown, and Paul McCandless. Bill has appeared at major jazz festivals in the United States and Europe, including Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. The most recent festival is Monterey Jazz Festival in September 2004 with Marian McPartland.

Bill also plays bamboo flute and can be heard on a variety of soundtracks including 1000 Pieces of Gold, The Black Stallion, and Never Cry Wolf as well as on two National Geographic specials.

Bill says:

I feel very fortunate to have spent my life playing in such a deep musical tradition, which we call jazz. The music addresses the whole person, and you get to share it with other musicians, and try and pass it on. Being a part of such a deep stream of music is a great gift!

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