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  • Miles, The Autobiography -- by Miles Davis
  • Unfinished Dream, The Musical World of Red Callender -- by Red Callender
  • The Autobiography of Count Basie -- by Count Basie
  • Teddy Wilson Talks Jazz -- by Teddy Wilson
  • Footprints -- by Wayne Shorter
  • The Trouble with Cinderella, An Outline of Identity -- by Artie Shaw


  • John Coltrane -- by Bill Cole
  • Coltrane, A Biography -- by C.O. Simpkins
  • John Coltrane, His Life And Music -- by Lewis Porter
  • Coltrane, the Story of A Sound -- by Ben Ratliff
  • Coltrane, Chasin' the Trane -- by J.C. Thomas
  • Ascension, John Coltrane And his Quest -- by Eric Nisenson
  • The World of Duke Ellington -- by Stanley Dance
  • Reminiscing in Tempo, A Portrait of Duke Ellington -- by Stuart Nicholson
  • Duke Ellington In Person, An Intimate Memoir -- by Mercer Ellington
  • Monk -- by Laurent DeWilde
  • Thelonious Monk, His Life and Music -- by Thomas Fetterling
  • Straight No Chaser, The Life and Genius of T.Monk -- by Leslie Gourse
  • Thelonious Monk-The Life and Times of an American Original -- by Robin D. G. Kelley
  • Round About Midnight, A portrait of Miles Davis -- by Eric Nisenson
  • Miles Davis, The Definitive Biography
  • Jade Visions-The Life and Music of Scott LaFaro -- by Helene LaFaro Fernandez
  • Ornette Coleman, His Life and Music -- by Peter Nikalas Wilson
  • Ornette Coleman, A Harmelodic Life -- by John Litweiler
  • Klook , The Story of Kenny Clarke -- by Mark Hennessey
  • Dance of the Infidels, A Portrait of Bud Powell -- by Francis Paudras
  • Eric Dolphy, A Musical Biography and Discography -- by Vladimer Simosko


  • John Coltrane Companion, Five Decades of Commentary -- Edited by: Carl Woldeck
  • Miles Davis Reader -- by Bill Kirchner
  • The Duke Ellington Reader -- Edited by: Mark Tucker
  • The Thelonious Monk Reader -- Edited by: Rob van der Blick
  • A Lester Young Reader -- Edited by: Lewis Porter
  • Reading Jazz -- by Edited by: Robert Gottlieb


  • Jazzography Profiles of Regional Jazz Musicians Who Perform in San Francisco -- by Mars Breslow - Dan Guarldi
  • Deep Down in Music, the Art of Great Jazz Bassists -- by Leslie Gourse
  • Jazz in Black and White, Race, Culture and Identity in the Jazz Community -- by Charlie Gerard
  • Lost Chords, White Musicians and their Contributions to Jazz, 1915 to 1945 -- by Richard M. Sudhalter
  • You Can't Steal a Gift, Dizzy, Clark, Milt and Matt -- by Gene Lees
  • Visions of Jazz, the First Century -- by Gary Giddins
  • Thinking in Jazz, The Infinite Art of Improvisition -- by Paul F. Berliner
  • Riding on a Blue Note, Jazz and American Pop -- by Garry Giddins
  • Jazz in its Time -- by Martin Williams
  • Jazz, Black and White -- by Gene Lees
  • The History of Jazz -- by Ted Gioia
  • Jazz Styles -- by Mark C. Gridley
  • The Birth Of BeBop, A Social and Musical History -- by Scott BeVaus
  • Blue, the Murder of Jazz -- by Eric Nisenson
  • Jazz, America's Classical Music -- by Grover Sales
  • The Devil's Horn, The Story of the Saxophone . from noisy novelty to King of Cool -- by Michel Segell
  • The History of the Blues: The Roots, the Music, the People -- by Francis Davis
  • Blue Note Records -- by Richard Cook
  • In the Moment: Jazz in the 1980's -- by Francis Davis
  • Giants of Jazz -- by Studs Terkel
  • Drummin' Men: The Heartbeat of Jazz, The Swing Years -- by Burt Korall
  • Blues People -- by LeRoi Jones
  • And They All Sang -- by Studs Terkel
  • Giant Steps: BeBop and the Creation of Modern Jazz, 1945-1965 -- by Kenny Mathieson
  • The Story of Jazz -- by Marshall W. Sterns
  • Time Magazine cover story on Thelonious Monk
    Feb.28th, 1964- Original Copy -- by Backstory in Blue.
    Ellington at Newport, 1956 -- by John Fass Morton


  • Black Music, Four Lives: Cecil Taylor, Ornette Colman, Herbie Nichols and Jackie McClean -- by A.B. Spellman
  • Talking Jazz: An Oral History, 43 Jazz Conversations -- by Ben Sidrian
  • Notes and Tones: Musician to Musician Interview -- by Arthur Taylor
  • The Great Jazz Pianists: Speaking of their Lives and Music -- by Len Lyons
  • The Jazz Ear: Conversations Over Music -- by Ben Ratliff
  • The Mastery of Music: 10 Pathways to True Artistry -- by Barry Green


  • Duke Ellington, Music is my Mistress -- by Duke Ellington
  • Miles and Me -- by Quincy Trupe
  • Born Under the Sun of Jazz, Public Faces Private Moments -- by Randi Hulpin
  • Stopping Time, Paul Bley and the Transformation of Jazz w/CD -- by Paul Bley
  • Live at the Village Vanguard -- by Max Gordon
  • Jazz Anecdotes -- by Bill Crow
  • Musings, The Musical World of Gunther Schuller -- by Gunther Schuller
  • The View from Within, Jazz Writings, 1948-1987 -- by Orrin Keepnews
  • All in Good Time -- by Mary McPartland


  • Jazz Styles-History and Analysis -- by Mark C. Gridley
  • The Raga Guide: A survey of 74 Hindustani Ragas with CD's -- by No author
  • The Listening Book -- by W.A. Mathieu
  • The Musical Life -- by W.A. Mathieu
  • Tone Deaf and All Thumbs: An Invitation to Music Making -- by Frank R. Wilson
  • The Encyclopedia of Quotations About Music -- by Compiled by: Nat Shapiro
  • The Hundred Thousand Fools of God: Musical Travels in Central Asia -- by Theodore Lavin
  • A Lexicon of Musical Invective: Critical Assaults on Composers Since Beethoven's Time -- by Nicholas Sloninsky
  • The Mystery of the Seven Vowels -- by Joscelyn Godwin
  • Jade Flute: The Stor of Chinese Music -- by T.C. Lai and Robert Mok
  • Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music -- by Anthony Ashton
  • The Seventh Dragon: The Riddle of Equal Temperment -- by Anita T. Sullivan


  • Harlem of the West , The San Francisco Fillmore Jazz Era -- by Elizabeth Pepin & Lewis Watts
  • Baseline: The Stories and Photographs of Milt Hinton -- by Milt Hinton
  • Jazz: A History of America's Music -- by Jeoffey Ward and Ken Burns
  • Blue Note Jazz Photography of Francis Wolff -- by Francis Wolff
  • The Great Jazz Day (The Great Day in Harlem Photo) -- by Numerous photographers


  • A Love Supreme -- by Ashley Kahn
  • The Making of Kind of Blue -- by Eric Nisenson
  • Kind of Blue, The Making of Miles Davis' Masterpiece -- by Ashley Kahn


  • Duke Ellington, Jazz Composer -- by Ken Rattenbury
  • What to Listen for in Jazz w/ CD -- by Barry Kernfeld